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March 2023 Newsletter

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Please see below our Health and Wellbeing March 2023 Newsletter.

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Corporate Charity Policy


EA has a long history of charitable giving amongst staff. Research suggests that acts of giving and kindness, small and large, are associated with positive mental wellbeing. Helping and working with others can also give us a sense of purpose and feelings of self-worth.

Giving Back is an integral theme with EAs Health and Wellbeing strategy and continues to be endorsed by senior management.

Staff are encouraged to give back as part of EA wide charity campaigns and other more localised appeals.

This policy will enhance EA’s corporate social responsibility activity by supporting all staff to “Give Back” for the benefit of all in the Education community and beyond. The Policy will also outline the Key Governance Requirements, Assurances and Actions to be attached to all authorised charitable activities undertaken by EA staff either within EA or on behalf of EA with the aim of reducing an individual’s or the EA’s exposure to unnecessary risk.


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Benenden Health Scheme

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We are delighted to be able to offer all Education Authority (EA) staff, teaching and non-teaching in schools and services the opportun

Nutrition and Hydration Week – 13th to 19th March 2023

Digestive Health

Nutrition and Hydration Week – 13th to 19th March

Housing Matters NI

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Housing NI is Northern Ireland’s First Social Enterprise Estate Agency.

Help with Cost of Living

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Everyday essentials are going up, you’ve probably noticed your weekly shopping bill has increased.