Top Nutrition Tips For The Menopause

Women's Health / Healthy Diet

The menopause is an ideal time to take stock of eating habits and begin some gradual changes to help ensure the best health possible while entering this new phase of life.

Alcohol & Diabetes

Diabetes / Alcohol Guidance

Alcohol and diabetes can be a tricky subject. Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, for some people, having a few drinks at home or in the pub is part of everyday life.

6 Tips To Feel Happier

Mental Health

Try our 6 tips to help you be happier, more in control, and able to cope better with life's ups and downs.

Manage your stress levels

How To Spot An Investment Scam

Cyber Security

Thousands of people have millions of pounds stolen through investment scams every year.

Working With Back Pain

Arthritis/Back Pain/Joint Pain

Getting back to work sooner rather than later will help most people with back pain.

Is Dark Chocolate Really Good For You?

Healthy Diet

Cocoa contains compounds called flavanols which are a type of polyphenol.

Become an EA Staff Health and Wellbeing Champion

Workplace Health
  1. Have you a vested interest in having a positive impact on your own Health and Wellbeing and that of

What Is A Bad Credit Score?

Managing Your Money

Every adult in the UK has a credit score, a set of numbers that shows how attractive you might be to lenders.

Brain Training & Dementia

Dementia / Ageing Well

Brain training includes activities to challenge the brain, such as crosswords, Sudoku puzzles and bespoke computer games.

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