British Red Cross - Finding Missing Family

Get help finding missing relatives abroad through our international family tracing service if you have been separated by war, natural disaster or migration.

Looking for family in Afghanistan?

If you have family affected by the current situation in Afghanistan, our International Family Tracing service might be able to help.

If you know someone in the affected areas, please try to contact them in the usual way, such as by phone, social media or email.

If you cannot contact them in this way, please get in touch with your local Family Tracing office (see below 'find your local missing family service') who may be able to help.

The International Committee of the Red Cross in Afghanistan and the Afghan Red Crescent are currently prioritising tracing requests linked to the current situation, but please be aware that tracing remains limited in Afghanistan. We will post any further updates here.

Who can get help from our international family tracing service?

You can use our family tracing service if you haven’t been able to contact your family yourself and both of the following apply:

  • you are in the UK
  • you have been separated by war, natural disaster or migration

We may be able to help in other circumstances where there is a humanitarian need. For example, if you have suddenly lost contact with a relative in the UK or abroad.

To access the service, click here.